Don’t have time to clean? Don’t worry
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Have you ever wondered if a professional cleaning service is worth it? Let’s run through a hypothetical scenario. Bonnie is the business owner of a small company. Her employees spend several hours a day in the office doing various tasks, and without a clean environment, this could lead to a breeding ground for germs and other contagions forcing her employees to stay home sick. Bonnie spends the other half of her time in her home, where protecting her family from allergens is equally as important. 

Since Bonnie is a business owner and a mom, it is difficult to find time to deep clean her home and office. Even though Bonnie can vacuum her home or office, this won’t kill the germs that could make her employees or family sick. But, Bonnie does not have to worry because ChemDry is here to help! ChemDry’s proprietary technology of Hot Carbonating extraction (HCE) penetrates deep into the carpet to lift up all the deepest grime and dirt while killing 99.99% of germs in the carpet. Bonnie can use the commercial service to clean her office and the carpet cleaning service to clean her home. 

WIth ChemDry’s help, Bonnie’s employees and family will be sick less often, and Bonnie won’t lose productivity because of waiting for her carpet to dry. Unlike other carpet cleaning services, Carpet dries within two hours instead of two days. With this innovation, Bonnie can clean her carpets more often without having to put her business or family functions on hold. Help keep your family and business safe this year by keeping your office and living space clean with ChemDry.