5 Creative Ways to Greet Someone Besides Shaking Hands
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COVID-19 has defined the year 2020. Every day we are hearing more news about how this global pandemic is affecting countries, stock markets, and individuals. Each of our lives has also been shaped one way or another. Here at H&L Chem-Dry our business has been affected dramatically. As an essential business, and cleaning experts, we want you and your family to remain healthy and happy! While we may not have a huge impact on how this virus pandemic takes its course, we can always do our part and #stopthespread.

As part of social distancing, it’s essential to stay 6 ft apart and not have any personal contact with individuals. So, are handshakes out of the question…? The answer: most definitely. But how do you acknowledge a friend, coworker, or even stranger when you meet them?

Here’s a fun list of five creative ways you can greet someone besides shaking hands!

  1. The “Wuhan shake”

The “Wuhan shake” originated from two individuals in Wuhan, China posting a video of them greeting each other. Instead of shaking hands they tap feet. Although meant as more of a joke, this is a great and funny way to still greet someone.

  1. Elbow Bump

For the classier individual, I would recommend the elbow bump. This approach is seen most as diplomats and politicians try and find ways to acknowledge one another. Don’t believe me? Check out this link to see how well Former Vice President Biden does it.

  1. Give it to them through the air

We’ve all experienced “air fives” before. And this isn’t any different! The great thing about this one is you could virtually do any handshake, just without the contact! Fist bumps, high fives, secret handshakes, the list goes on and on.

  1. Simply say “hello”

Ah yes. The verbal word. This practice of communication never goes out of style. Instead of extending an open palm, try opening your mouth and simply greeting someone verbally.

  1. Do the head nod

Maybe not the most business professional greeting, the head nod is a classic way to say “hi” to someone. Simply nod your nod (and hopefully have a smile on your face).

During this time of unexperienced isolation, it’s important that people get the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve. It’s also equally important that we stop the spread of COVID-19 so we can get back to normal and enjoy the essential relationships we all share. H&L Chem-Dry would like to wish you a safe and healthy month!