Summer Spills: A 2020 guide to preventing and cleaning spills
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Summertime has some of the best food, especially barbecue! But let’s face it, with all the food and guests coming in and out of the house you have a responsibility to protect your home from all the spills that can occur. Even a simple dinner with your family presents opportunities for spills to happen and stains to remain. That’s where our 3 tips for prevention and our 3 tips for cleaning spills come in!

The Prevention

Let’s face it, no one likes a stained carpet, more messes to clean up, or a dirty dining room. The great thing is, even if you have kids, there are still simple ways to prevent spills from well… spilling. Not every accident can be prevented, but here are three easy tips for preventing spills during your next summer gathering. 

  1. Make your home spill-proof

There are various ways to ensure that your home can be spill-proof without breaking the bank. These ideas include: 

  • Using plastic tablecloths
  • Having stain remover on hand
  • Apply stain repellant to chairs and cushions
  • Being aware of likely-potential spillers (kids and animals) 
  1. Host your event outside

If you don’t want to go through the effort of making your home spill-proof, there is always the easier option of going outside. This will save you the time of cleaning up messes as well as the worry of anything in your home getting stained. 

  1. Provide plates and coasters

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s highly overlooked. This is especially relevant when having guests over, simply make sure that coasters and plates are used. Enough said. 

The Cleaning 

Okay, so you either didn’t take into account the earlier advice or an accident happened. Either way you have a mess that needs to get cleaned. Here are some quick life saver tips that can prevent you from making the situation worse.

  1. Don’t initially scrub it out

Your first thought might be: scrub it out with soap and water!  Although this can be a common solution for many stains and spills, it’s important that you recognize what spilled and what it spilled on. If you’re ever unsure about what to do, it might not be wise to go with your gut feeling. Scrubbing could potentially make the stain worse. 

  1. Google it 

It’s nice to know things off to the top of your head. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t know! A quick online search can help you find a detailed solution in seconds. If you’re unsure about how to clean up a particular spill or mess, consider sacrificing your pride and trusting the online experts instead of handling it yourself. 

  1. Chem-Dry Solutions

Did you know Chem-Dry has solutions to cleaning up spills as well? Chem-Dry offers various cleaning services for all kinds of surfaces. Our non-toxic, green-certified carpet cleaning can leave your home carpet spotless. If it’s a little stain, request a can of our famous spot remover and do it yourself. Either way, Chem-Dry cares about you having a clean and healthy home.